Zapya download for Android

Zapya download for Android Rapidly share files using the best file sharing application that is easy to use and supports transfer across iOS, Android, and other platforms! in zapya app

zapya download

Need to share files but have no Internet connection? No problem! Zapya allows you to transfer files from Android phones, iPhones, and PC without using Wi-Fi or mobile dataZapya is not only free to use, but it also supports 20 languages. File transferring has never been easier!

Start sharing files with those around you using one of the four simple ways to transfer available on ZapyaCreate a group and invite others to join it, generate a personalized QR code for others to scan, shake to connect to another device, or simply send files to those nearby


zapya apk  Additional Features

⚡ Bulk Transfer Large Files
Look no further than Zapya when you need to transfer massive folders. You can share multiple large files with one click!

⚡ Phone Replication
Upgrading to a new phone? Backup and easily transfer all of the files at once from your old device to a new one.

“Install All” Option
You now can select from the APKs on your PC, your friend’s phone, or your old phone and download all the apps you want onto your device simultaneously with the new “Install All” option.

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Zapya download for Android


1. Enhance Modes of Establishing Connection;
2. Fix bugs;


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Zapya VIP Mod Apk Latest Version [Fully Unlocked]

Zapya Pro VIP (Mod Apk): Transfer any big file with fast speed in Zapya Pro Mod Apk. You can share Zapya with your friends without internet connection via Bluetooth and after that, you both can transfer any file in your phones. It is fast because it’s working with wifi signals at full speed. So that’s why the transfer rate is very high. In Zapya VIP Version you will not see any ads or popups. Enjoy this ad-free moded version.


  • Ads Free✍
  • No Limit😍
  • VIP Unlocked💎


It is very simple not very complicated and user-friendly anyone can use it without any condition and it has a very neat and tidy design. There is a QR code sharing feature which will help you to connect fast by just scanning QR code. You can connect with all OS like Windows, Apple, etc. Watch unlimited videos worldwide in Zapya apk. You can also chat with friends through this app.


  • Group Sharing
  • PC supported
  • No Ads
  • Unlocked All
  • QR Code Sharing
  • Offline Chat
  • Video Discovery


Zapya for PC

Zapya is a cross-platform short4upk that can help anyone send and receive file between PC and other supported devices, such as MacOS PCs, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. By focusing on simple setup procedure, the easy discovery of shareable devices and streamlined way of transferring files with unlimited speeds on all currently supported wireless transfer protocols, Zapya for PC has managed to attract a worldwide audience of over 300 million users. And it managed to achieve all this success by promoting a service that many of us want – to share files between devices with no file type restrictions, serious bandwidth limitations, and most importantly, without cables!