To Push traffic on blog through search engines optimization,It could be difficult to get high traffic through search engine or user keyword searches, but if you really focus on writing alots of blog posts on search engine optimization (SEO), you can easily improve the ranking of all specific keyword searches and website traffic.

 To get traffic ,Follow these 9 important tips for maximum results.

01 popularity of keywords

If you really want to get keyword search traffic from top search engines such as Google and Yahoo bing etc, you have to write about that topics that people really want to know and they are mostly looking for that information.The easiest ways to completely understand the idea of ??what mostly people are looking for online is to check the popularity of that keyword searches on websites like Google, Wordtracker AdWordsGoogle Trends or Yahoo etc. All of these sites really provides a snapshot of all keyword popularity by searches at any time.

02 Select relevant and specific keywords

The Best rule is to choose only one keyword phrase per page and then completely optimize that keyword pharse to that page.Its necessary that Keywords should be relevant to the content of that page. Also, choose specific keywords that are most likely to give you best search result ranking . For example, consider how many sites use the keyword phrase “SEO optimization.” The competition of

the purpose of ranking with this keyword maybe difficult. Competition could be easier if you choose a more related keyword, such as “Increase Traffic”


03 Select 2 or 3 words for keyword phrases

If we see Statistics it show that nearly 65% of keyword searches contain 2 to 4 keywords. Fix it in your mind and try to optimize your web search for keyword phrases of only 2 or 4 words for maximum results.

04 Use your keyword in title

Once you select a keyword phrase, you plan is to optimize your web page to completely ensure that you have use this phrase in title of your site post or 



05 Use keywords in titles and subtitles

  The blog posts with chapters titles and subtitles not only makes more visually appealing on the text 

heavy screens, but it also gives you an additional opportunity to use that keyword phrases


06 Use keyword phrases in content body

   The most important thing is to use keyword phrases in the body of your  post. A best goal to try to 

achieve the traffic is to use your keyword phrases at least 2 to 3 times  in the first paragraph of your 

blog post, and as many times as possible  in the first 200 to 1000 words of your post.

07 Use keyword  in or around your links

  According to search Algorithm,Search engines calculate higher links in  search algorithms than 

simple text, so try to creating mostly links in your post that use keyword phrases. Always avoid to links that simply say “click here” or “more information” because these links will not help your search engine optimization.  

Add  keywords as much as is possible for you,it will 

play the role of links in SEO. The text surrounding 

with links is more important as compared to 

other text on search engine. If your keyword is not  

included in the link text,then must try to including 

it in the link text.

08 Use keyword in pictures

   you will see that a lots of  traffic sent to sites through image searches on the search engines.So Let 

use images to your site according to search engine have to make sure that 

your image file name and title must contain your keyword.

9 Things That Don’t Keyword

 According to this Search engines will penalize the sites that are full of keywords which are used just to increase rankings through that keywords searches. Due to keyword filling, some of the sites  banned from being included in search engine results.The Keyword stuffing considered as a spam, and search engines have no tolerance for it.Remember it always, when you use specific keyword phrases to completely optimize your search engine blog posts. Thanks!