5 Social Media Platforms for Search Engine Optimization

As we know there are a lots of social media platforms that we can use for increasing seo but we have to focus on 5 top social media platforms that’s are really good for increasing seo. newsup4u is giving guarantee to our visitors that after reading this you will definitely increase your website or blog traffic.you just have to share your post on these social media plateforms.
These social media platforms are given below .


          As we know , facebook is  one of the best social media platforms where about 1.2 billions peoples are active all the time,so it is a big source of traffic if we smartly utilize it.
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Do Facebook posts help SEO
The Ans is we have to joins groups that have large audience and also pages ,where thousands of people visit ,after creating this we have to focus on our links or post to share according to the audience attraction.I guarantee you that you will definitely get a huge amount of traffic and audience which will definitely improve your site impression ,page views ,and also ads click.thats a really good news for increasing seo.

2)Instagram for Increasing SEO

     Instagram is one of the top social networks till now ,so it is also the best source of traffic or for increasing seo,so we have to focus on how to get traffic for ranking our post,or page.we have to create or join groups which have alots of members that are always active.because these active user will respond you on you post,you have to focus on increasing your instagram followers and joining groups that have more members.
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 Linkdin is also a social network that is similar to facebook,so just like facebook it has billions of user s across the world that are active all the time,by sharing your post on linkdin you will also get a huge amount of traffic.A huge benefit of linkdin is that when you share you post in linkdin ,it automatically rank on google,it hepls to rank you post ,that’s the reason mostly people use it.You just have to join top level groups and also add member on your profile and get traffic.it will hepl full for increasing seo.


Quora is a social platform that will provide you thousands of traffic by just simply answers the question of peoples across the world.A questions comes in mind that how it will happen? it is very simple that you have to search related to you post on Quora. it will show you question which peoples ask from the world you will answer the question and use you hyperlink in your post that will help you to get traffic,so if you really interested for increasing seo then must use quora.


Pinterest is one of the top rank social site that have high DA PA .its similer to other social site like quora but its is efficient then quora because of it work like a blog page where you will pin your post.In pinterest you can create multiple boards just like you site labels and add post in you boards .
by sharing post on pinterest you post will definitely rank so it is help full for increasing SEO.
I hope you  have completely understand about these social media platforms that are best for increasing SEO.