Top 3 INSURANCE Companies In United State America?

These are the top 3 insurance companies of America which has strong nation and also having insurance as their primary business.As we know that first insurance companies was made in 1752 by Benjamin Franklin and the insurance company name was philadelphia Contribution.

As we see that in 1821 ,there was only 17 insurance companies in the state of london but if we compare it with 21 century then we can say that we have hundred of insurance companies in America right ow.
some of these top 3 insurance companies are given below:


Alfac.Inc is the largest supplemental provider in was found in 1955, it has been under write underwrites a wide range of insurance policy while it has been famous due to its pay role deduction.

Alfac accquired in 2009 as the continental USA insurance company.This company was found by brothers jaun and paul in Columbus Jorgeia. In 1964 it was named by American Life insurance company.

Alfac is operated in Japan and America while its offices are working worldwide ,In last 2015 survey Alfac assured 50 million people worldwide.which is still unbeatable.

The company offering a lots of insurance policies which are given below.

  • Dental
  • Accident 
  • Cancer
  • Lump sum cancer 
  • Life
  • Short term Disability
  • Specified Health Event
  • Vision
Alfac also offer human resourcies for COBRA and also dependent day care.According to recent survey alfac ranked in 137 top insurance company in United States

Allied Nationwide Insurance 

Allied Insurance are providing the insurance to the individuals and the families and also for the is located in Des is represented as an individual represented by the staff of 
Des Moines.
It was found in 1929 as an Allied Mutual automobile Association by the Harold.while in 1998 allied mutual automobile company merge with the Nationwide insurance company.Not just allied join to nationwider  there was alots of others company who joined with nationwide insurance company.

American Automobile Association

Automobile Association is the  motor clubs federation which work in North is a private organization where about 60 million people are servicing.It is very old Association which is found in 1902.
It is dealing with these aspects.
  • Current Operations
  • International Affliates
  • Motorist Rights and AAA
  • AAA and Enviroment
there are two regional clubs the first one is AAA Northeren New England while the second one is Northeast. you can freely get these top 3 insurance companies.stay blessed Thanks!