This article is only for those peoples who do not have  “good adsense income!”, Newsup4u providing you 12 amaizing tips for awesome earning that I have used to exceed 300,000 traffic per month by which you will earn more
if you have a blog then by this method you will must earn more. read carefully

1) Put adsense ads  under your article or use Ezoic :

google providing highest click rate under the article.
As we know it is very easy for our page viewers to see our ad near the header section, such as close to the site title section, basically it is not recommended because click rate through it is very low..
Mostly the viewers do not click on the ad before reading the article because it is difficult to see clearly to the content.
if you  look at the Adsense report carefully, then you can analyse that the click rate of the banner in front of the content is rather low.
so let’s start with a banner right after the article to make it easier to produce results.

2) Put Big banner Ad to increase Adsense Revenue :

There are two main benefits of a large banner ads.
One is that if Ads size is large, then it should higher the click rate.
And the other is that unit price of advertisement will also increase.
No doubt about it that google employees was talking about it,that the larger the size ads you will get these two benefits.
Because o that  reason, it recommended that a “338 x 280” rectangle or “300 x 250” rectangle  or more be placed under the article if  it is possible.
This will increase you CPC and please follow these instruction carefully.

3) Never put you Ads on right side of header!

The worst place of adsense ads is right side of the header.
There are allots of sites that  display the logo on the left side  and the adsense ads on the right, but it is the part where people’s eyes are very hard to see, because of it click rate tends to be very low.
As it is footer also have very low click rate .so do not use adsense ads on footer.

4) Recommended location for Ads to Increase Adsense Revenue!

If you really wanted to earn through adsense then you should place three ads.
The locations should be at the top of your article, and the bottom of your article, and at the sidebar of your article.
The above positions are recommended by the google adsense policies.
Benfits are :
・  Mostly people will interact with your article.
・ Highest click rate due to ad under the article.
・ sidebar ads can easily be seen so impression will also increase.
These three points will be suitale for you site.

5) Save yourself from account suspension!

you must have to read the adsense guideline to save yourself from account suspension.
There are many guidlines prohibited by Adsense policy, but the main violations which mostly peoples do are following.
・ Do not on your own ad
・ Do not ask someone to click on your ad
・ Do not advertise too much of your article
・ Never use adult content on your site
・ No article about scams or illegal things.
・ Never use Pop up.or any other ads unit.
・ never use four or more then four ads on a page.
・ donot make earning sites.

6) Did a false click aim is a total loss?

In fact, this can cause a significant reduction in cost-per-click.
Since CVR  rate after any kind of click is also calculated by Google adsense and the cost per click is only higher for those websites that produce same number of results with the same number of clicks.
So their is no result if you click by yourself incorrectly it will effect on you CPC and CTR.

7) Top on current status are easy to gather but expires!

Currents topics related to entertainment or any current incident  are easy to gather and nodoubt it increase your adsense revenue at once but later it just like a garbege.
So after that incidence , the freshness of keywords will  fininsh, and hot words will have a low success rate, so we can say that it is not better to target hot keywords for a long turm.

8) If you want to write on current topic look ahead!

if you write a  article,on current topic  it will takes some time until Google picks it up, and in some cases google will pick it up when news will be completely settled and then your article will have no worth.
So, if you really think  that news will be  related to your site neache  then, read ahead and take it up in the article as soon as possible.
There are alots of  adsense site  that collect access by just looking ahead, like  latest movie or a new comic book or songs lyrical information.
By prefetching news related to you blog, you will be able to to gather visitors to you blog

9) Which type genre is right for you?

if you just wanted to earn through adsense blog, then you might want to target  for a genre which have  high cost-per-click.
Genres with high cost-per-click are like  real estate, ,  credit cards, job hunting, job change sites,cashing, and investment etc.

10) To earn more with asense increase your  PV!

Adsense revenue is comletely determined by the PV, basically cost per click is not hight.
Since its has been a limit to increase the click rate, the last way to earn Adsense income  is to earn the PV.
By recent survey we analysize that If the click rate of ad  is 2%, 200 clicks will be made if 20000PV.
If you click 50, you will earn 1500 yen at a unit price of 15 yen, so you can earn 45,000 yen a month for 150,000 PV per month.
So we need  to earn the number of linked links and the contents, So it is very important to earn the  PV.

11) What is the Average Cost per click of adsense?

The unit price of Adsense is completely depend  on the genre, and the CPC also changes on computer and cell phones.
Till Now, the average is 30 yen per click, 35 yen per click on a PC, and 35 yen per mobile.
As we know on a mobile, ads with a larger banner size are not displayed, So in that case unit price decreases.

12) How much articles needed to earn  200,000 per month?

In case we can say it is difficulty because it depends on the selection of genre and also the quality of the articles, but in my case, I was created a new blog and reached only 30,000  yen a month with only 6 articles.
It could be possible to earn with  a small number of articles if you select a good genre, but usually you have to  increase the long content, and mostly people will not reach 200,000 yen a month unless there have more than 150 articles.
Instead of increasing the  number of articles we recommend that to write long tail articles
Becasue useful content for user is the shortest path to earn more.

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