Death Records of Corona Virus(COVID-19)


COVID-19 has been spread everywhere due to this a lots of people in the world has been died total amount of people who are suffering from this viral disease is about 293500 all over the world till now, about 9452  has been died till now. so we can imagine how much dangerous it is.
Corona Virus Outbreak Cases in pakistan till now :
Total COVID-19 Cases : 15453
Today New Cases : 546
Total Death :  156

we will continue to update this report with respect to time,

we can imagine how much cases are coming on daily basis but the fact is that mostly cases in pakistan are those who are imported from different countries  like iran etc.They came here with this virus and pakistan government allow them to came here without any investigation.

Instructions to save from COVID-19

So safe your self as much as possible because and use face mask on your face , do not go outside due to this bad time, stay safe at home, use gloves in your hand, do not shake hand with anyone, do not meet with anyone. do not eat anything from outside , do not go in playground .do not eat anything from any restaurants.avoid eating chicken as much as possible,stay safe from COVID-19.

Symptoms of COVID-19

These are the basic symptoms which people experience who have COVID-19.If anyone feel this then consult with doctor imediatelty.
Difficulty in Breathing 
  • Feeling Fever
  • Sore Thorat
  • Cough
  • Runny Nose
If anyone from you feel this then consult the doctor as soon as away from other peoples because COVID-19 is a viral disease  it spread person to person,If you are living in pakistan then you should have to report your district health line.

COVID-19 helplines no in pakisatn

help lines numbers for COVID-19 in pakistan is given below : 
punjab helpline no : 0800 99000
Sindh helpline no : 021-99204405 
Balochistan helpline : 081-9241133-22
 Lahore General Hospital Help line : 042-99268808-9
Do not be afraid from corona , just fight to hime and believe in Allah, Stay blessed and share with others,