The 300 Workout is the exercise that the cast of the film “300” used to prepare for their jobs. Hollywood mentor Mark Twight made the exercise to enable the entertainers to shed fat and construct muscle to take after slender and solid Spartan champions.

Not long after the film’s North American delivery in 2007, Twight delivered what he called the 300 Workout, permitting anybody to take on the difficult schedule that changed the film’s entertainers into slender, mean, battling machines.

What is the 300 Workout?

The 300 Workout utilizes a combination of bodyweight and weighted activities that hit each muscle gathering. It stresses both solid strength and perseverance.

It comprises of 300 redundancies (reps) done straight through with practically no rest between works out.

Contingent upon your wellness level, the 300 Workout can take 15–45 minutes to finish.


The 300 Workout comprises of 300 reps of both bodyweight and weighted activities done straight through with almost no rest between works out.

Instructions to play out the exercise

The 300 Workout is exceptional and can challenge even the fittest people.

On the off chance that you can’t finish the necessary number of reps for each activity, you can quickly rest until you complete all the reps prior to proceeding onward to the following activity.

Here are the activities of the 300 Workout and how to perform them.

25 pullups

Handle an overhead bar with a wide hold.

Pull your body up until your jawline is over the bar, at that point bring down your body until your arms are completely expanded.

50 free weight deadlifts with 135 pounds (61.4 kg)

Squat and handle a free weight with a shoulder-width grasp.

Lift the bar by expanding your hips and knees.

Quickly stop at the top prior to restoring the bar to the floor by bowing your hips back and permitting your knees to twist forward.

50 pushups

Down on the ground, place your hands marginally more extensive than your shoulders.

Fix your arms and legs, at that point bring down your body until your arms are at a 90-degree point.

Quickly delay, at that point propel yourself back up.

50 box hops on a 24-inch (61-cm) stage

Remain before a crate with your feet shoulder-width separated.

Swing your arms behind you while keeping up an incomplete squat.

Rapidly swing your arms forward and hop onto the stage with your knees bowed.

Hop down.

50 story wipers with 135-pound (61.4-kg) hand weight

Lie on your back with your arms broadened holding a free weight.

Keeping your arms and legs broadened, raise your legs to the correct side of the free weight with the goal that your toes contact the weight plates.

Bring your legs down to the middle and rehash the lift on the left side to finish one story wiper.

50 clean-and-presses with a 36-pound (16.4-kg) iron weight

Start with your feet about shoulder-width separated and the iron weight on the floor between your legs.

Bowing at the hips and with a slight curve in your knees, reach down and handle the iron weight with one hand.

Utilizing the energy from your hips and glutes, pull the iron weight up as though you were beginning a yard cutter, driving your hips forward and fixing your legs and back.

Quickly utilize an uppercut movement, having the chime end up between your lower arm and biceps. This is known as the rack position. The portable weight should be simply beneath shoulder stature with your elbow got into your chest.

From the rack position, press the iron weight straight up overhead until your arm is straight, and afterward lower it back into the rack position.

At last, drop the weight easily withdraw toward the floor, twisting your knees and pivoting your hips back.

Rehash the means for 25 redundancies prior to changing to one side arm for 25 reiterations.

Note that a solitary free weight can be utilized on the off chance that you don’t approach an iron weight.

25 pullups



Complete the activities and their necessary number of reps to complete the exercise. Peruse the directions for the activities in case you’re uncertain how to finish them.


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Exhibit video

Watch the accompanying video for an exhibit of the 300 Workout.


The exhibit video above can help tell you the best way to play out the 300 Workout.

Would it be able to get you into shape?

The 300 Workout helped entertainers from the film “300” form muscle and shed fat, and the exercise can almost certainly help other people do likewise.

While no examination has taken a gander at the adequacy of the 300 Workout on parts of actual wellness or body piece, concentrates on comparable sorts of exercises have exhibited upgrades in these boundaries (1Trusted Source, 2Trusted Source).

Notwithstanding, it’s critical to understand that the 300 Workout alone was most likely not liable for the entertainers’ ripped bodies. All things considered, it was likely one of a few preparing programs that the entertainers used to get ready for the film.

Beside the exercises, the entertainers presumably likewise ate nutritious nourishments like natural products, vegetables, entire grains, slender proteins, and dairy to help practice recuperation, muscle building, and fat misfortune (3Trusted Source, 4Trusted Source).

In addition, the entertainers may have utilized dietary enhancements known to upgrade practice execution and recuperation, for example, creatine, beta-alanine, and caffeine (5Trusted Source).

In one or the other case, playing out the 300 Workout in any event 2 days out of every week meets one of the key actual action rules for grown-ups and can positively help get you ready (6Trusted Source).

Since the exercise is extraordinary and burdening on the body, you ought to try not to perform it on back to back days to restrict the danger of injury.


The 300 Workout can assist you with building muscle and lose fat. Nonetheless, it’ll presumably not get you in similar shape as the film’s Spartan champions. The entertainers presumably utilized extra exercises and dietary alterations to plan for their jobs.

Dangers and who should attempt it

The 300 Workout may accompany an expanded danger of injury for individuals with the accompanying conditions:

Equilibrium issues. You may fall and get harmed on the off chance that you have issues with equilibrium and solidness.

Lung sicknesses. The power of the 300 Workout may make it hard for those with lung sicknesses to rest and keep up adequate oxygen conveyance to the muscles.

Musculoskeletal conditions. You might be more inclined to injury and distress in the event that you have a musculoskeletal condition, for example, joint inflammation.

On the off chance that you have one of these conditions and need to attempt the 300 Workout, talk with your medical services supplier first. They may recommend changes or an alternate exercise that is more qualified to your requirements.

Regardless of whether you routinely practice and have no activity impediments, the 300 Workout may even now be a test to finish.

The 300 Workout expects halfway to cutting edge preparing experience, as it includes complex developments and a moderately elevated level of endurance (7Trusted Source).

It may not be appropriate for individuals with not exactly at any rate a half year of preparing experience.

While the 300 Workout was intended for normal to-huge men, ladies and men of a more modest edge can at present perform it.

On the off chance that you view the exercise as too hard to even think about completing, you can alter the activities to suit your necessities.


This exercise requires high endurance and includes complex developments. On the off chance that you discover it excessively troublesome, you can attempt it with changes. This exercise may not be reasonable for individuals with balance issues, lung illness, or a musculoskeletal condition.

Alterations to the 300 Workout

Here are a few alterations you can make to each activity to help the exercise’s power:

Pullups. Attempt the helped pullup machine, which helps you by expecting you to utilize less of your body weight. You can likewise join a band to a pullup bar by getting one side through the other and putting your knee through the circle.

Hand weight deadlifts. Utilize less weight on each side of the bar, or strip all the weight and play out the deadlifts with simply the hand weight.

Pushups. Rather than performing pushups from your toes, drop your knees to diminish the heap.

Box hops. Utilizing a customizable advance stage, eliminate a portion of the risers to diminish the stage tallness.

Floor wipers. Burden the free weight with less weight or attempt the non-weighted variant by playing out the activity with your hands at your sides.

Clean-and-presses. Utilize a lighter iron weight or free weight to play out the development.

You can likewise diminish the quantity of reps for at least one of the activities and gradually stir your way up to the necessary number of reps as you become more grounded and more molded.


In the event that you have restricted preparing experience or an activity related impediment like asthma or joint pain, the 300 Workout may not be for you.

The reality

Made by Hollywood coach Mark Twight, the 300 Workout helped the entertainers from the film “300” change into strong Spartan fighters.

The exercise comprises of seven bodyweight and weighted activities performed with practically no rest between them for a sum of 300 reps.

The 300 Workout alone won’t give you the physical make-up of the Spartan champions in the film. Notwithstanding, when combined with a solid eating regimen and other sound way of life factors, it can assist you with building muscle and lose fat.

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