Spin Luck By Spin 2019 : As you know Luck By spin android application is one of most trustable game application for gamers. We are here now with fresh features and bug/crash free version. Luck By Spin is an application through which you can enjoy by playing spin game. How to play this game.
1. Spin and Play.
A. User just need to open the app and click on the Play button to play game.
B. Choose a lucky number from 0 to 9 and just tap on spin
C. That’s all. entertainment begin.
D. Thereafter you can also earn free spins by watching just a few second rewarded video and get extra spins.
E. On each Spin you will win stars, some exciting points and scratch cards which will help you to stand batter on our global leader board.
F.  Hope you enjoy very well to use ” Luck By Spin”.
G. If you would like and enjoy this app so please share your feedback with us.
H. So try your luck now and enjoy with luck by spin game.
2. Scratch and Find.
Let me ask you. How good are you to guess? We have features where there will one image on screen with 4 options with overlay scratch card. You will choose one and scratch it then you can see you guess right or wrong. If your selected option is wrong, don’t worry you will have next chance till you guess right option. Lets improve guessing power.
3. Love calculator.
Don’t blush now. 🙂 Do you have girlfriend / boyfriend? We have love calculator to find out your random love percentage. You can enter your and your partner name and we will give you love percentage on average. This is just random number for fun and each time you may have different percentage even on same date.
4. Dice.
Have you ever played LUDO and enjoyed the dice playing? We have here dice for you to play. You will able to play and enjoy with getting starts on your scoreboard.
5. Lucky Alphabet.
You want to see what is your lucky alphabet today? We have option game to find your random lucky alphabet.
6. Find emoji.
You will have list of emojis. We will give you one random name from them and you will have find correct emoji in some specific time.
7. Lucky scratch.
Same like scratch and find, Here you can scratch the card and will get lucky number of stars according to luck.
8. Leaderboard.
To make healthy competition, we bought leaderboard for you. We have two kind of leaderboard as free paytm leaderboard and free paypal leaderboard. But this leaderboard if different from all other leaderboard in world because it enables you to chat with leaders. You can sign up for free paytm leaderboard and free paypal leaderboard by just adding your unique ids.
9. Offers.
Offers page show currently available offers for users to grow their free paytm leaderboard and free paypal leaderboard. Time to time launched offers will be available for specific time and 1 to 10 or more users will be won stars to update they free paytm leaderboard and free paypal leaderboard.
10. My history.
Whenever user will make progress in their free paytm leaderboard and free paypal leaderboard it will be marked as one milestone. Logged in user will be able to see that milestone history.
11. Chat with leaders.
User will be able to chat with leaders or with various offer winners to learn how they achieved.
12. Login
We have login with Facebook and login with gmail to enable users to save their starts. stars from various games also will be recorded in total stars.
13. Partner apps.
LBS partner apps are games from different game app development group for LBS user’s fun. We are providing Login with LBS features for same.
14. Contact Us.
We have given two kind of options to contact us. Contact us form and WhatsApp support.
Kindly share game with friends, classmates, colleges and other media ways.
Write us any time if need help.
Hope you will enjoy .
Thank You.