Search Engine optimization(SEO) should start by number of pages?

Search Engine Optimization is very for  home to get traffic.No matter how much awesome your website look like,if you  does not hit it up.I regularly hear these words, however I don’t have the foggiest idea what to really regardless of whether it’s called SEO measures … Isn’t there are a lots of beginners who  really feel that way? ,

In SEO there are a lots of thing which we can do just like keywords selection and analysis.and it is the main difficulty in can see this page it is on number 1 on 30 million searches.
While creating your site homepage you have to check if your information on site is less then you have to create some more pages for SEO,and you need to add post and content on the basis of your niche.  Although we know it is not possible in short time but we can think about it for a long time process.
I will explain why increasing the number of pages is necessary in SEO for beginners.

Content and Pages

you have to write content that attract people so you need to work for long term and have to write many  post for SEO because it is necessary,Add more pages on your site which will attract people on the basis of their will work for Long term traffic.

Page itself effect the vistors

Remember when you are searching something on search engine like google and search a keyword then it show you all related searchs and you chose one of them which you like.
you should kept these  two following points which are necessary.
  • search engine display result only by page by page basis.So we can say that page is a gateway to attract our vistors.pages are the source of customers that get customers as much as possible,
  • Vistors will chose to selected that pages which he see first or which is more effect related to the meta discription which is provide by you.
so it is clear that to get traffic you need to add pages on your site people will come on different pages.

pages on top searches are not successful 

However i know they are alots of pages whose getting traffic by their rank while some of pages are not SEO successful.

They are only two reasons which i am going to share with you.
  • Risk of destroying impact on customer  when top page positioning changes.
  • could we attract our vistors on specific page = Can only we attract our vistors with keywords such as organization name.
So we can say homepage  attraction is the only way that interact people.