Rustic Development Pakistan Program 

RDP is non-benefit advanced and helpful association focused on working with underestimated and defenseless individuals and networks by getting donations.

Objective of Donation

Our Objectives of getting donations is to help activities for economical network with specific spotlight on wellbeing, training, agribusiness, ladies and youth rights and smaller scale credit/endeavor improvement;
To start organized backing effort identified with ladies and kid rights issues; To assemble and fortify the  specialized and the executives limit of improvement of associations (NGOs, CBOs, Govt and WOs. line divisions);

To empower and make sure about male and female populace from less fortunate networks in the intercession zones for feasible occupations and to be accomplices and advertisers of, neighborhood improvement. This is possible only when theygive  donations,

What we do…

Sort of Services: 

your donations provide these to people.

  1.  training and Wellbeing . 
  2.  Urban instruction. 
  3.  Smaller scale credit and undertaking advancement. 
  4.  institutional and Human improvement 
  5.  Sanitation and  Cleanliness . 
  6.  Reasonable job. 
  7.  Crisis help and restoration 

RDP addresses treachery  and neediness through the
following center exercises:

  •  Child and youth rights 
  •  Gender equity 
  •  Inter-Faith Harmony 
  •  Advocacy, Networking and linkages 
  •  Stakeholder support 
  •  Sustainability 
  • Donate to to help people from COVID-19

Going ON Project

We are helping to those people who are facing problem due to Corona Virus.Specially those who are poor .We are supplying food to them,For this need we raising funds .Please help as much as possible.
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Administrations and Events 

1)Sahiwal ARDP 

RDP Sahiwal group directed mindfulness bringing getting together in rustic regions of Sahiwal District to instruct and sharpen the ladies and other network individuals about their key rights under “Access to Justice for Vulnerable Population in Pakistan” venture.

Competitional Activities for childrens : 

RDP directed game occasions, discourse rivalries, instructive meetings, setting aside cash confine and different exercises network schools at GMW 2019. Younger students and instructors took an interest and taught on significance of sparing, cash overseeing abilities, banking and account.

Observed International Day 

RDP observed International Day of People with Disability under the subject of “Change towards maintainable and versatile society for all” with the coordinated effort of Social Welfare and Special Education division. At this event, kids with inability  and different partners took part, and different exercises were performed by the incapacitated kids. The principle reason for the event was to advance the rights and prosperity of people with handicaps in all circles of society and improvement, and to expand consciousness of on the circumstance people with inabilities in each part of political, social, financial and social life. The assessed one billion individuals living with inabilities overall face numerous obstructions to incorporation in many key parts of society. Therefore, individuals with inabilities despise access to society on an equivalent premise with others, which incorporates regions of transportation, work, and training just as social and political support.

Go along with us 

To be a piece of RDP you should need to satisfy prerequisites which are given underneath :
In the event of any assist you with canning email us through ,we will react you at the earliest opportunity.

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