Real mermaid found on beach 2020!

Shocking news has arrived that real jalpari found at karachi river in pakistan where thousand of people watch it to take bath.  As we know it has been really shocking news for everyone that this news is real or fake?

Today we are going to completely discuss about jalpari or we can say mermaid concept.Is any mermaid ever seen by someone or jalpari is a fake concept.According to the news given by the survey that we conducted we state that.

     About 1988 someone saw jalpari at Australia.he was at the beach and he saw dead mermaid at one side on the beach.In that time this news spread everywhere even in news paper but with respect to time people forget about it.some people said that when they saw mermaid she was alive and she went back to the river after some time.About listen this story we can clear the concept that mermaid was seen or we can say jalpari exist in real life but we cannot state the real image of real jalpari.

After sometime passed In 1998 another person said that he saw real jalpari at beach and he also said that mermaid was very beautiful.when he asked about the shape and body of mermaid he said that mermaid  upper half body was just like humans while lower half body was like fish.when people asked about the size of mermaid he said that mermaid look like that she was about 7 to 8 feet long.but their was no evidence to him that show that how much true was he talking about.

And Now in December  2019 it has been stated by someone who saw real mermaid at karachi beach in pakistan. he said that when he first saw her he think that she was a lady who sitting at beach but after some time she get up and went back to river then he focus that her lower body was just like a fish.but like old saying he did not have any evidence to prove himself but he prove the old saying.

So till now we can say that its not clear that real mermaid exist or not but we can say that one day the whole world will know the truth about mermaid.

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