proven strategies to increase traffic on your blog or website

you have a blog or a website and you want to get traffic to your site then you need to follow our tips to increase traffic on your website.we are going to share you some social apps that rarely people know about it but they will give you a huge amount of traffic in just a few seconds.
you have to follow step by step guide to get traffic on your website.

ICQ Messenger

ICQ is a social network app just like whatsapp but here you will found thousands of peoples and thousands of can’t imagine how much people you will find need to download it from playstore.
I am going to share you some special tricks that will help you to get traffic from ICQ. First of ALL you have to install ICQ from playstore. you have to search groups in ICQ that have more ICQ World is a group you will find in ICQ messenger ,it consist of 20 thousands members that are active all the shave to join groups that are similar to them.

keep in mind

you have to keep in your mind if you directly share your link in these groups,group admin will ban you from group so be carefull, In ICQ some groups may ban you but mostly will not ban your account so you have too share it with these groups.
Always short your link with bitly because it will help you to save your website.You will get instantly about 1 hundred to 5 hundred traffic which will definitely increase with respect to time.Mostly traffic you will get here will from russia. It will be organic traffic so no need to Worry because it will be totally unique.
I hope you completely understand it,If you have any question you can ask  freely. Thanks!