Gain Cryptocurrencies with this game. Skip the ball off to gain 1 litoshi, eat a speck to procure 10. It’s overly simple to profit. Try not to give the ball a chance to escape by tilting your telephone to turn and control the circle entryways.

Photon Pong – Earn Free LTC

1. Tap on wallet and register/enter your Coinbase account.
2. Play the game and win in any event 100 litoshis (nano Litecoin).
3. Guarantee Litecoin like clockwork.
Attempt to hit the irregular dab on your way to open the followings:
Open all balls including:
Snooker ball
Ping pong ball
Tennis ball
Orange ball
Volley ball
Glad face ball
furthermore, open bars as well:
Neon bar
Piece of candy
Chocolate bar
More pieces of candy 🙂
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