No need to ” worry” , keep in touch to stay safe !

An asteroid currently has  being tracked by  the NASA that is near close to the Earth ,According to NASA’s center it will pass closely near to planet that could “cause an airburst”. but their is no need to worry.because agency explains that asteroid is too small to survive to contact with atmosphere of Earth

The near Earth Object of Artist is that the chuck of rock that is near to the earth orbit is very fast to approaching to our planet that is more than 10000 mph.According to IBT time it is about 97 feet in diameters.

2020 EF

According to 2020 EF ,it has been classified as an aten asteroid ,which is basically a group of asteroid which alway liv in motion and move around the sun and moon. it almost move on the same path where the Earth is revolving ,
After visiting od 2020 EF ,Earth will be visited by 2020 dp4 which is faster in velocity then the 2020 EF.because of it soo small 2020 EF donot cause a huge impact on the planet.. how it effects on maybe cause an airbrust or an explosion in the sky but you should not be looking at itwhen it happens.

The last airburst recorded took place in Russia which was 30 times brighter than Sun and and cause 180 causes of eys pain and  about 70 to 80 cases of temporary eye we can imagine what kind of air burst it was..

The asteroid is expected by NASA’s center to approach earth on 2 July about 10 pm .it will roughly 3.85 million miles away from the planet earth.

In this case do not use your cell phone or any signal devices because it can effect on your eyes,,stay safe 

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