MYX Fitness is an at-home exercise program that is advanced as a helpful and practical option in contrast to the rec center. With a broad determination of classes accessible, MYX Fitness makes it simple to increase your exercise normal, paying little mind to your wellness level.

Nonetheless, it comes up short on a few key highlights offered by different brands, which might be a major issue for a few.

This article audits MYX Fitness to figure out what it is, the way it works, and whether you should check it out.

What is MYX Fitness?

MYX Fitness is a home exercise framework intended to advance better wellbeing and help you arrive at your wellness objectives.

It incorporates a Star Trac fixed bicycle, which is furnished with an intelligent touchscreen screen.

The bicycle is completely customizable, and the screen turns, making it simple to take your exercise to the floor or tangle.

It likewise associates with the MYX application, which gives admittance to an assortment of guided exercises, including turn classes, yoga, barre, Pilates, and reflection.

The application likewise keeps tabs on your development, and the screen shows your exercise span, pulse, and the quantity of calories consumed.

How it functions

Month to month participation to the MYXfitness application is needed to get to the full usefulness of your bicycle.

The application incorporates limitless admittance to many wellness classes, with new exercises added each week.

Each record can have up to five clients, which might be particularly helpful for family units wanting to share admittance to the hardware.

A portion of the kinds of classes accessible through MYX Fitness include:


all out body shape

informal sparring

ride, tone, and reestablish

bodyweight stop and go aerobic exercise (HIIT)

mood ride



MYX can interface with your pulse screen. Additionally, all exercises offered in the application coordinate pulse zone preparing, which can help screen the power of your exercise dependent on your pulse.

The application additionally incorporates admittance to the MYX Assessment, an element that utilizes a calculation to decide your wellness level, customize your pulse zone targets, and monitor your advancement.


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MYX Fitness offers two bundles to begin — the MYX or the MYX Plus.

The MYX costs $1,299 and incorporates an activity bicycle, touchscreen tablet, and pulse screen.

The MYX Plus incorporates these highlights, just as a balancing out tangle, 6-piece weight set, iron weight, practice tangle, froth roller, and obstruction band for $1,499.

Conveyance and gathering likewise costs $250, and financing is accessible for qualified clients.

MYX enrollment is excluded with one or the other bundle and costs an extra $29 each month.

All hardware is covered under a 1-year guarantee, and MYX likewise offers a 30-day merchandise exchange.


MYX Fitness is more moderate than comparable items, and it offers a wide assortment of classes that go past cycling.

This can be particularly helpful for the individuals who appreciate attempting new things and exploring different avenues regarding new exercises every day.

Classes are additionally accessible in a scope of trouble levels, making it a decent choice for amateurs and experienced competitors the same.

Not at all like other exercise bicycles, the MYX bicycle can be utilized with customary shoes and doesn’t expect you to buy exceptional cycling shoes, which frequently cost more than $100.

Also, MYX Fitness can be an incredible method to add more active work to your daily schedule.

As indicated by one audit of 13 examinations, indoor cycling may help improve body creation and backing sound circulatory strain and cholesterol levels (1Trusted Source).

Other examination shows that ordinary actual work can help forestall an assortment of constant medical issue, including coronary illness, type 2 diabetes, and neurodegenerative sicknesses like Alzheimer’s (2Trusted Source, 3Trusted Source).

Likely disadvantages

Albeit the MYX bicycle has some beautiful noteworthy advantages, there are a couple of drawbacks to consider.

To begin with, MYX doesn’t presently offer live classes, which are a particularly mainstream highlight among contender brands like Peloton and Echelon.

This might be a downside for the individuals who lean toward riding with companions or feel more persuaded with highlights like a live leaderboard.

Also, albeit the application interfaces with Apple Health, it doesn’t coordinate with other well known wellness applications, for example, Strava or Fitbit.

The month to month enrollment charge may likewise be a significant factor for a few. It costs $29 each month, on top of the cost of the bicycle and gym equipment.

While the bicycle can be utilized without the month to month participation by changing the obstruction physically, the vast majority of the capacities and highlights offered by MYX Fitness expect admittance to the application.


MYX Fitness can be a helpful and savvy option in contrast to other exercise bicycles.

Notwithstanding cycling classes, MYX Fitness offers a variety of other broadly educating alternatives, which can be helpful for the individuals who like to change up their exercise schedule.

In contrast to large numbers of its rivals, MYX Fitness doesn’t have any live classes, which might be a main consideration for a few.

Notwithstanding, it gives a considerable lot of similar highlights as well known brands like Peloton — for a portion of the cost. Accordingly, it could be a decent decision for frugal buyers expecting to add more active work to their daily practice.

The reality

MYX Fitness is a work out regime that makes it simple to appreciate an assortment of indoor cycling and exercise classes at home.

In spite of the fact that it doesn’t as of now offer the alternative to join live classes or ride with companions, it’s significantly more reasonable than numerous different contenders available.

It’s likewise helpful, simple to utilize, and includes a wide scope of classes to redo your exercise schedule.