Mera ye bharam tha mery pass tum has been the most watchable drama serial of All time which is provided by thy Ary Digital channel.

  Whats the reason why it has been the most watchable? it is because of its reality based story and the purpose of this drama serial.This dram serial is based on the story of husband wife relations and the third person who is rich.

     The story begin when a person fall in with a girl in their college life by just listen her voice.The person real name is hammyon saeed .he purpose her and get married .he was very sincere and kind and loyal with her wife.he was 16 grade government officer. Mery pass tum ho drama serial is totally based on hamiyon saeed about how he faced problem and fight with them.

            Hammiyon was 16 grade govt oficer while their was an other person who was a business man and also rich by hamiyon. business man was also in love with hamiyon wife and always tried to make relation with her.Hamiyon was afraid of him and always try to make their wife away from him.

           After some time business man offer a job to hamiyon wife .it was about 1 lac salary. hamiyon  wife started job.By the mean of job he always try to make relation with her and finally he succeded in his mission. 

     By some reasons hamiyon wife ask for divorce to his husband .hamiyon was very upset by her and fully tried to stop her wife but failed and at the end he give divorce to her wife and she went away with business.
Mery pass tum ho drama serial is famous because of hamiyoon saeed dialogue.which he said when his wife was leaving her.  he said  ” tum 2 takkay ki aurat k lye mujy 50 million dyy rhy” This dialogue of “mery pass tum ho ” drama serial has been the most famous dialogue till now. 
   After that in “mera ye bhram that mery pass tum ho: drama serial  hamiyoon start a business and leave the job. he tried his best and get success in business while the other business man fall day by day. A time comes when hamiyoon has more richer person while other business man became poor.hamiyoon get married to other women and spend life happily while his X-wife became shameful on her act. and say sorry to hamiyoon but the time has passed .

This was the main story of “Mery pass tum ho ” drama serial .This drama serial is famous about his story.Thats the reason millions of people has been attach to watch this drama on regular basis. Thanks!

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