Make Money Online from kovrita Our company are hugely excited about the opportunities offered by crypto and have established the Kovrita Chain Wallet as a means for securely storing, transfering and earning crypto currencies. With the Kovrita Wallet, users are be able to:

  • Transfer crypto-currencies
  • Send/Receive crypto-currencies to and from other wallets
  • Exchange between crypto-currencies and fiat
  • Earn on holding your crypto-currencies and fiat
  • Earn with Kovrita bounty and affiliate program

How do we earn?

Kovrita Chain Ecosystem

hyip investing


Kovrita Chain charges a small commission for each exchange in the system



We are good at technical charting and analysis at various intervals throughout the day, we trade different crypto currencies on various exchanges.



Buying low and selling high on different exchanges to earn a good profit in between 1.66% to 36.6% of spread.

new hyip


We use peer-to-peer crypto lending platforms give a decent 0.66%-16.6% return on the investment in the form of crypto currencies.

paying high yield investment program


We earn staking rewards on top of our cryptocurrency holdings and grow them further by compounding those future rewards.

btc investment


Providing a trusted place for crypto enthusiasts to safely purchase different products and services.

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Affiliate Program


Refer your friends and get up to 50% of their profit! Kovrita wallet is extending the opportunity to earn Referral Rewards directly to the community of its network members, via 5-Tier referral system.

You can earn extra Kovrita Referral Rewards by posting your referral link (URL) on your social network pages, your personal blog, or other Internet resources that explicitly allow the public to post referral links.

Tier 1: Receive 50% from the profit of people who are referred by you directly.

Tier 2: In addition to, or instead of your own efforts in inviting people to join the Kovrita project directly, Tier2 option allows you to earn the additional 40% Referral Rewards, from the profit of people referred to the project by your direct referrals.

Tier 3: You earn additional 30% from the profit of people referred to the project by your 3rd level referrals.

Tier 4: 20% from the profit of people referred by your 3rd level.

Tier 5: and finally 10% from the profit of people referred by your 4rth level.