Jazz is a good communication company in Pakistan. In 1994, they launched this network with a trademark name Mobilink, but later on its name changed to Jazz and it became a most promising. And with the time, they merged it with Warid telecommunication. Jazz is a No.1 Network that keeps rewarding its users with free internet data at different times. Jazz is popular in its users because of providing the free internet to its users.

Today we will list down all USSD codes to avail/get free internet on jazz sim.
So let’s friends…… try these codes one by one on your Jazz/Mobilink sim and get rewarded with free internet.

Jazz 500MB internet code

Code *117*72*3#

MB ; 500MB again and Again

Validation ; 3 Days

Jazz 8GB Internet Codes

Code ; *572*46*3#

MB ; 8000MB on Jazz

Validation ; 1 week

Jazz 2GB internet Code

Code ; *462#

MB ; 2000MB for free

Validation ; unlimited

Code dial ; You can dial this code every days and get free internet again and again on Your Jazz Sim

Jazz Free Facebook code

Code ; *114*6#

MB ; 500MB again again

Validation ; 24 hours

Limit ; No limit you will dial this code and get 500MB internet again and again on Your Jazz Sim

Jazz 4GB free internet code

Code ; *117*89*3#

Internet ; 4000MB

Call ; 400 jazz warid minutes

Sms ; 400 + SMS for message

Validation; 1 week

Jazz Free internet code

Code dial ; *674#

Internet ; 4G free on Your Jazz Sim

Validation 7 days

Jazz New Sim Code

Code dial *191#

Internet ; 500MB again again

Validation ; 3 days +

Limit ; You can get 500MB by dialing this code on Every 50 Rupees Recharge

Jazz 2GB internet Code

Code dial ; *5555#

Internet; 2G or 500MB

Validation ; 3 Days or 1 days

Limit; You can Get 2GB or 500MB again again after 3 days by Dialing this Code

Jazz 6G internet Codes

Code dial ; *1301#

Internet; 6GB or 2GB free

Validation ; 1 weeks

Jazz 3GB internet code

Code dial ; * 714#

Internet ; 2GB or 3GB free on Jazz

Validation ; 7 days