Islamic Cure for Corona Virus

As we know corona virus has been spread now a days and its very dangerous disease who’s killing people day by day,its start from china and now in every country.Thousands of people killed by this hilarious disease,and there is no special treatment to control this disease.

    when science fail then Allah save the life  of everyone.About some days ago , A person saw a dream where he saw the cure of crona virus.

According to that person, he said to every people who has quran in their home to open the surat baqrah in quran ,he said that everyone will see a hair in surah baqrah which is sent by Allah to his people, you just have to put this hair in hot water and read the surat baqrah and drink this water one time. by this you will never effected by crona virus, and those who are effected with disease will be cured.Its has been proved  by many people that they found hair in surat baqrah which is really sent by allah for the treatment of crona virus.

By reading this we may or may not be belived in this incident but we must have to read surat baqrah and to see that hair in surat baqrah to the treatment of corona virus.Surat baqrah is very good for the treatment of any disease .If we see the previous history then we can see that many of people who have different disease has been cured by listnig and reading surat baqrah.

By reading this it has been cleared that surat baqrah is really giving us the cure of this dangerous disease corona virus.So we have to read surat baqrah daily to save our self from this disease.

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