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Welcome Bonus

Be our customer without investment. Get a welcome bonus of 0.5$ + 2600 BAP and start getting cash ads today.

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BAP system

Buy BAP points and earn up to 122%. The more BAP points you have on your account the more expensive ads you will be get.

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Referral Program

Be on partner and get profit at the expense of attracted customers: 4% of purchases by referrals, 3% of the amount they had received by them for the view of advertisement.

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Buy our shares and automatically get passive income. Earn up to 0.8% per day from each purchased share, without taking any active actions to make a profit.

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Users of the Adviev platform are provided with wide opportunities to earn money.

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For Investor

Our platform makes a profit from advertising sales and trading on the cryptocurrency market, as well as from financial investments in other business projects. Therefore, income generation comes from three sources: trading, advertising, and investment activities.