How to make money online from convertko offers advertisers to place their ads on our website, allowing them to get more traffic to their sites. Advertisers can buy different kind of PTC advertisements, banner and they can also advertise on our Traffic Exchange for FREE!


Watching PTC

Earn up to 0.03$ / click

Completing Offers
on Many Offerwalls


Free Ads by Browsing
Traffic Exchange



Open free account. It’s fast and easy to start


You’ll have multiple ways to earn money with convertko


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1) Who we are

Convertko is a FREE online service, which accepts members from all over the world

Members registered on Convertko can earn money by viewing our advertisers’ Paid-To-Click ads for a certain time, and we also provide access to various offerwalls to earn money from.

2) Register

Members / Advertisers can open a FREE account here:

Desired PIN = This is your additional security. We will request it before your cashout or password reset. It can only contain 4 numbers (0-9).

Once completed, an activation email will be sent to your e-mail address you used to register. After you activate it, your account is ready to use!

3) Login

Members / Advertisers

If you did not set your secondary password, please leave the field blank and login. After login, you will enter your account area.

4) Ways to earn money

You can always upgrade your account to earn more money.

– Paid To Click Advertisements

Account area -> Menu -> Earn -> PTC

After clicking on available ads and viewing them for 5-30 seconds (depends on ad), you will be credited a certain ammount of money to your Main Balance. Earn up to 0,03$ / click.

– Complete offers

Account area -> Menu -> Earn -> Offer Walls

You can choose from different offerwall providers. After completing an offer, you will be credited a certain ammount of points. Points will be credited to your account after 30 days for security purposes.

– Traffic Exchange

Account area -> Menu -> Earn -> Traffic Exchange

Here you can surf websites and earn Traffic Exchange points.. Earned Traffic Exchange points are stored in Traffic Exchange balance. Basically, it is a free advertising hub. Money in traffic balance can only be used  in Traffic exchange,  for creating a new campaign. You can do it  in Menu > Advertise > Traffic Exchange.

5) Direct and Rented Referrals

You can get people to sign up with your referral link. It can be found on Account area -> Menu -> Referrals -> Links & Tools

Here you can find promotion material, we also provide banners.

Copy the link and share it with your friends! More friends you will have on your account, the more money you will earn!

The easy way to get referrals is to rent them. You can rent referrals for 30 days for a certain ammount of money. They will click for you and earn you money! You can rent them on Account Area -> Menu -> Referrals -> Rented -> Rent New

6) Cashing out your earnings

After you collect the minimum ammount for cashout, you can choose between several payment processors where you can withdraw your money to. You can cashout at Account area -> Money -> Withdraw

7) Advertise

You can advertise Paid To Click ads, banners and Traffic Exchange. You can advertise at Account area -> Menu -> Advertise -> (Choose your preferred advertisement option).