Make Money Online on Youtube

newsup4u is providing you the guide of how we can earn money from youtube , As we know thousands  of people are earning a lots of money from youtube. According to recent survey youtube giving their analytics report that they are paying 90 percent of their income to their youtube partners,
       youtube partners are  those who are working on youtube ,so its clear that youtube is sharing billion of dollars with their partners.So from this we can say we can earn a lots of money through this.So today i will share with you step by step how you will earn. so read it carefully.
you have to follow these steps to earn from youtube :
  1. Create a youtube channel 
  2. Monetize your youtube channel
  3. Do SEO and know what kind of videos are monetize able

1)Create a youtube Channel

   you first have to create a youtube channel .To create youtube channel go to youtube and first sign up with your gmail account.After this create a channel ,and select a niche on which you want to going to upload your videos.fore example you want to create videos on technology then you have to choose a name related to tech.

    After choosing name you have to create video on it and upload daily 2 to 3 videos must have to upload daily basis,

2)Monetize Youtube Channel

To monetize your youtube channel you have to follow youtube program policy ,According to your youtube program policy you youtube watch time must be 4000 hours and  you must have atleast 1000 subscribers ,its not difficult to get all of these but you have to constant with all of these. 
            some tips to complete youtube program policies, to get subscriber you can easily find many websites who are giving subscribers on daily basis, you can from these or you can create content that is really attractive to get subscribers. your watch time will be easily complete in 2 to 3 months if you are uploading videos daily .
After enable your youtube monetization you can place ads on your videos where from you will get income. you earning will store in your adsense account , where from you can easily withdraw your start earning today!

3)SEO for content

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the only way to get huge traffic to earn more, newsup4u is going to share steps to do first  need to choose a keyword that people search most ,you can choose it through ubbersuggest website.After chossing keyword you need to use tags while uploading your videos ,these tage you can easily get from rapidtags generator site, 
To know more SEO you can take our SEO course which is free available on our site ,In case of any question you can ask us freely in comment section.Thanks!