we are providing some natural home remedies to lose weight in less then a week.By following these remedies you will definitely lose your weight at home with home gradients .

1)Drink Water to lose weight

       Drink 2 liter water on daily basis this will help to lose your weight in very short time,you will see its benefits in just 2 to 3 days,it will help to glow your skin and also helpful for the removal of pimples.Never drink cold water because its very dangerous for health and also increase your body weight specially belly so avoid drinking cold water.

2)Lemon Juice helpful to lose weight

As we know lemon is very beneficial for our health specially skin .As it is also beneficial for losing weight.Drink 1 glass lemon juice early in the morning when you wake up.it will hep for digestion and also to lose your weight.Use lemon in your daily life as much as you can because of its benefits to your health.

3)How much Green Tea helpful to lose weight?

Green Tea has a lots of benefits for losing your weight it is a quick method of losing weight in very short time. if you drink green tea early in the morning then you will fit and healthy always.its very easy to make green tea ,About everyone know how to make green tea at home.So make it habit to lose your weight.Use it instead of Lemon juice daily.

4) Diet Plan to lose weight :

  It does not matter what you are eating to lose weight but you routine is matter.you have to follow routine of breakfast ,lunch and dinner.you have to made your routine first if you really want to lose your weight. you can have breakfast heavy .but your lunch and dinner should be lite.you need to adjust your timing of breakfast, lunch and dinner. because its the only thing which could helpful for you to lose weight
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