How to Approve Google Adsense for website or blog in just 24 hours?

There are some easy steps which can help to approve  adsense account very easily.These are basically some important policies by google which you should follow to approve adsense account.

By following these steps your account will defiately approve :

1)High level Domain

       First most important thing to approve adsense account is your high level should have domains like .com, .xyz , .net etc, these types of paid domains are necessary to approve adsense account. you need to attach your domain with a blog or wordpress , you can choose anyone for your site which you think is reliable for your site.

2)How much Post on your Site to Approve Adsense 

     To Approve Adsense on your site you should have minimum 15 post on your blog.its necessary for adsense should have write all post by your own ,donot use auto artical generator or any other trick becasue it will not should write your own artical if you really want to approve adsense account.otherwise your account will not approved.

3)Design Customization of site 

    You should have to fully customize your theme.Nothing would be empty on your should fully build your site to Approve Adsense account.All the pages and external links should be given correctly and always use simple and customizable themes to approve adsense.

4)SEO  for Adsense Approval

Before, submit your site to adsense approval you should do SEO for your site.These are following step you should follow before submit your adsense approval request.
  • Submit your site on google search console
  • Add robot.txt file on your site
  • Submit your Site on different search engines like,Bing,Yahoo ,etc
  • Create different social account like pinterest, linkdn, facebook,instagram, and share your posts,
  • Add meta discription on your site

5)Submit  your Site for Adsense Approval:

    After completing four easy step your final step is to submit your site on google adsense.Its very easy just sign up with google adsense and give your site url.adsense provide you code which you will paste between head section of your theme and then click on verify.your site will be submited .In just 2 days you will  receive  Congratulation! Message by Adsense . Thanks!

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