For quite a long time I have followed my headache torment and triggers with an end goal to all the more likely comprehend my ongoing torment. Despite the fact that it’s a great deal of work, I’m happy to such an extent that I’ve set aside the effort to comprehend my triggers to guarantee that I am giving it my best shot to deal with my headache.

What to follow

While I’m certain that the strategy for following contrasts from individual to individual, here’s a glance at how I track my ongoing obstinate headache.

Indications, seriousness, and recurrence

I’m certain that anybody with headache knows about specialists requesting them to rate their torment on a scale from 0 to 10, with 0 being the most minimal and 10 being the most significant level of agony.

It’s just characteristic that my own headache following follows a similar scale, noticing my number on difficult days.

For setting, I even named my diary, “10: A Memoir of Migraine Survival,” in light of the fact that the experience of living with an unbreaking level-10 headache has profoundly affected my life.

Notwithstanding noticing the torment scale, I record the zone of agony on my head/neck/shoulders and whether I encountered sickness, disarray/mind mist, deadness, or quality.

For every one of those indications, I note how frequently they happened and the length of every side effect.

Situational triggers

Notwithstanding following my torment level and side effects, I frequently make note of situational triggers, when essential.

Instances of what I consider situational factors (note that this is my own phrasing, not clinical wording) are climate (shifts in temperature and barometric pressing factor), aroma, or light (counting splendid or blazing lights).

Food triggers

Among the entirety of the components that I have journaled throughout the long term, following my eating and drinking has demonstrated to be the most educational. Key things that I ended up noticing were my water admission (or scarcity in that department), what I ate and drank preceding the agony, or whether I avoided a feast.

I’ve since discovered that I need to continually remain hydrated and that skirting any feast isn’t a possibility for me. I generally need to have a bite and container of water available.

Rest and monthly cycle

For quite a long time, my headache torment made rest troublesome. Thus, I chose to follow the connection between’s the measure of rest that I was getting against my headaches.

I found that my body reacts best to keeping a steady rest plan (hitting the hay and awakening around a similar time) just as getting 8 hours of rest every evening.

It’s likewise significant that I track where I am in my mensural cycle, since it’s firmly connected to my headache torment.


During my cycle of experimentation with prescriptions for headache, I’ve thought that it was’ useful to follow how my day by day torment appraisals associate to each new medicine.

It’s an extraordinary method to measure whether the new prescription is having any kind of effect for me.


The entirety of the extraordinary headache applications available today have truly changed how effectively we can follow our torment and house the entirety of our following information in one spot.

As I would like to think, utilizing an application is the least demanding approach to accumulate a ton of data after some time with insignificant exertion. Much more, applications permit you to handily give the entirety of the information to your primary care physicians.

On the off chance that utilizing an application feels excessively overwhelming, consider beginning little and recording your agony scale number every day to get a gauge perused. On days when your torment is more regrettable, ensure that you observe whatever other subtleties that vibe fundamental.

It’s difficult to begin, yet you may gain some new useful knowledge all the while.

The admonition

During the underlying years that I firmly followed my torment, these extraordinary headache applications didn’t yet exist. Thus, I needed to physically record the entirety of the subtleties of my headache every day.

Seeing the outcomes on paper demonstrated testing.

It’s vanquishing when you feel that you’ve done everything possible (like keeping away from triggers and getting the ideal measure of rest) you’re actually seeing 10s each and every day.

Remember, in the event that you get annoyed with taking a gander at the aftereffects of your torment following, you’re by all account not the only one who feels that way. It’s something intense to see!

My takeaway

No ifs, ands or buts, understanding my headache triggers has been priceless. So, it’s critical to take note of that, as far as I might be concerned, manifestation following hasn’t been the arrangement.

All things being equal, it’s given an approach to me to more readily comprehend and deal with my agony.