How People are being millionear while they dying by Coronavirus?

   People who was having insurance policy are lucky in a case while are not lucky in other case.The main reason of their luck and bad luck is coronvirus. which has been a hot topic today we are going to share some heart touching aspects .so lets star

How people has been millionear?

People has been richest becuase of COVID-19 is it right? this question is confusing people day by day.The Ans is yes. The Reason of this is the people who are dying due to COVID-19 has  insurances that their family member are getting benfits through their insurance policies .
As we know recently thousands of people died in italy and china and other countries .According to recent sarvy it has been concluded that insurance company give a lot of many to the died people in COVID-19 because of their insurance policies.
It is good for the families of died but it is giving bad effect effect to insurance companies because a lots of death has been due to corona.Insurance company are suffered from this loss as our countries economy has been destroyed due to this.
The COVID-19 is the symptom of the destruction of the World Economy and the humans.No one can imagine that a single virus can cause the death of the world.Some are saying that it will destroy the earth completely 
As we are facing Coronavirus while #hantavirus has became it is not spread from person to person but it is also dangerous like corona.In one hand people are dying while other hand people are getting rich due to insurance policies.
Recent new. that in USA a person died due to COVID-19 and its family was not rich but after his death he has been millionar .His family get 25 lac US DOllars as his insurance policy, 
So we can.t think and we are confusing what we do. we feel happy for money or cry for the dath .Stay blessed at homes ,keep prayers.Thanks!