Advice for people by World Health Organization?


          World Health Organization has been announced that corona virus has been the biggest danger for the world now.WHO announced to off the private and government sector in countries and suggest to people to avoid from travelling to different countries.
The people across the world are not taking this virus serious specially the countries are not taking seriously to this coronavirus except that countries where it has been spread.It is a killing disease which was started from china in 2019 and now thousand of people in china has been died due to this disease.
Corona Virus spreading day by day and killing people on daily basis and now it has been spread all over the world because of lack of management of world health organization.WHO do not alarm to the world about how much danger is this disease and that’s the reason it has been spread across the world .
due to this italy and spain give the vocation of 30 days and alarming to people to save their self.
these are some symptoms of corona virus. be careful.
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 Advises for people to save from Corona Virus

The main reason of spreading corona virus is pollution and its spreading through dust.These are coming from the people who are came from the country which is effect by coronavirus.
  • Use face mask to save from dust particles.
  • The people who came from other country must have to stay at home for 14 days.
  • Use Onion as much as you can.
  • Stay at home , do not go outside until world health organization suggest something.
 safety depend on people who want to save their life from this be careful and save yourself from corona virus.
i hope you understand about how you can save yourself from this disease because their is no other option and their is no special treatment …stay blessed 🙂
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