How to Earn Money by Shortner URL

very easy step to earn money online is the link shortner link ,you can easily earn a lots of money through this shortner link by following some easy steps, I am guarantee you after following this you will able to earn money online,So read this article carefully.

you need a shortner link which is given below,follow step by step to earn money.

Gplinks Url Shortner

gplinks shortner is the best shortner link till now,its providing highes payout rates in 2020,it will give you 5 dollar per 1000 clicks, which you can get easily by following which is given below. gplinks providing you withdraw of 5 dollars which is really awesome so it will be very easy way to withdraw your income.hence it is clear that you just need 1000 clicks to earn 5 dollars ,but question comes in every mind. How we can get 1000 clicks? Ans is given below
you can get thousands of click by these method.

Methods of getting clicks


you can get clicks by your youtube channel. its is very simple you just have to create a video on different type of interesting topics,just like up coming movies  ,or any currently news happen, and you have to provide the link in description  which you have short by gplinks.


you can share you gplink with your friends or on whatsapp have to join some groups on whatsapp where you will daily share links to earn money from gplinks

ICQ Messenger

ICQ is the messenger where you will find people all around the world.Here you will finds thousands of groups and each group have thousands of people.So you will simply share you links here and get hundred of clicks.
you can chose any method which you think is best for getting clicks ,by this you will earn a lots of money.i hope you understand it completely.Thanks!