Earn $100 to $500 daily by Amazon at home without investment !

Amazon is one of the best online shopping website where thousands of people sell their products to earn money and thousands of people buy daily.Amazon is offering peoples from any country or any state to sell their products online and paying them commission .For this they have to create Amazon Association Account on Amazon Website.

you can read this article and also watch this video to completely understand step by step :

How to create Amazon Association Account?

To create Amazon Association account , search on google Amazon Association Account and first sign up with Amazon and fill the Amazon Association form on the site.Form will require all the details about you and your residence.Please fill it correctly to get the association.After that you will get a verification code which you will give to amazon to active your amazon association account.After that your account has been active.

What’s the Procedure to earn on Amazon Association Account?

  After creating the Amazon Association Account you need to select the products which you are going to sell,you need the customers for selling amazons products .The customers could be your relative ,friends, or any person in the world who buy your products through your link ,you will get 10%  to 20% commission on selling any products.Its very easy to sell products and earn money online.I am providing you some important tips which you can use to earn alots of money through amazon association.

  • you can advertise your product on blogger or any website.
  • join whatsapp groups and share your products on whatsapp
  • use social network like facebook groups,instagram or any other.
  • advertise products on olx or paid advertise your products.
  • find people close to you,your relatives or friends who need to buy something online.

How to withdraw money ?

 Its very Easy to withdraw Amazon Association money ,you will see withdraw option in your Association Account Dashboard ,where you will find a lots of withdraw methods like, web money , bank transfer, paypal, payoneer etc.

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