No deposits required to play! You get free hits forever! How does it work? 1 Click on blocks and smash them You will find resources, points and real cash hidden inside. 2 Get unlimited free hits We give you free hits every hour so you can smash blocks forever!  Earn Money From AskDaraz

3 Withdraw winnings Choose the most convenient option to receive your cash winnings and we will send them immediately! Then repeat the process and win even more! Payouts available in: Earn Money From

BlockSmash is all about destroying virtual blocks and collecting rewards! Various rewards are hidden inside these blocks. Use your hits (pickaxes) to destroy them and get real cash, more hits, experience points or resources needed for power-ups. Destroying blocks is too fun to be simply called mining, therefore we call it block smashing! You can withdraw your collected cash or spend it on BlockSmash features. Experience points will help you move up the levels and unlock more free hits and resource types. Resources can be used to craft boosters and gain advantages. And now the most important thing: playing on BlockSmash is always free! Good luck and have fun!

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