9 ways to increase Google Adsense revenue! 


Newsup4u have prepared this article that can completely solve such problems!

If you can  understand this  Google Adsense Optimization which are explained here, even blogger beginners can easily  get more monthly income  than ever!

In fact, by following this we are able to earn 160,000 visitors monthly  blog posts in just six months by complete practicing the content which are described in this article.
Here are top  12 tips for earning 160,000 dollars a month with Google Adsense earning from your blog, so you have to  read it carefully.

Here first 1 to 4 Tips  explain the basics of earning Adsense income, and 5-13 explain the means for SEO of Adsense Optimization.
  • 1 . Select that Blog theme which can survive upto 5 years to earn with  the Google Adsense
  •     1.1 Themes Suitable for Earning with Google Adsense
  • 2 . Income UP Google Adsense Method 1: Increase the Number of PVs!
  • 3 . Income UP  Google Adsense Method 2: Understand the Rules!
  • 4. Income UP Google Adsense Method 3: Okay  for the  CPC of  Low Genre
  •     4.1 , In site the Genres with highest  CPC could have many competitors
  • 5 . Income UP  Google Adsense Method 4: must Know the current Time
  • 6 . Income Increasing  Google Adsense Method 5: you have to maintain Average CTR at 2%!
  • 7. Income Increasing  Google Adsense Method 6: Write atleast 90 Articles
  • 7.1 What is important during writing 90 blog posts
  • 8 How tcan we  Increase Google Adsense Revenue : Use of Auto Advertising
  •   8.1 Recommended: did we can Advertise in Articles
  • 9  Income UP Google Adsense Method : Location for adsense ads
  • 10 Best  Ways to Increase Adsense Income : did we can use Enlarge Banners!
  • 11 Other Ways to Increase  Adsense Income: Use Smaller Square Size ads and responsive ads
  • 12 Increase Adsense Income : by SEO Measures

 Blog Theme That Can Survive Five Years To Earn With Google Adsense

If you want to earn from your blog’s , think of using  a theme that can easily survive atleast   5 years.
This is because you are going to continually getting access to your blog and to earn  a lots of money.
I will recommended you using NG theme and OK theme as  a best example.
Themes suitable for earning with Google Adsense
You have to write  castle articles, which are an OK theme, can survive more than five or ten years from now, so they can continuously getting huge  achievements.

Income UP  Google Adsense Method 2: Understand the Adsense Rules!

Be sure to read all the program policies which are listed in the Adsense Help Center In case to avoid account suspension because it’s the more important.
The most important  violations rules are as follows.

 Some Program policies are:

  • ·         You Do not have to click on yourself ads or ask others to click on your ads.
  • ·         You Don’t have to place  ads that encourage clicks .
  • ·         Do not do any  post on sites that provide adult information
  • ·         Do not do any  post on sites that sell or promoting  counterfeit products
  • ·         Don’t use any confusing ad placement, such as using the same look ad colors

Google Adsense earning Increasing Method : Is this OK for low CPC genere

If you want to increase your adsense  revenue , you should have to aim for a site genre with a high CPC rate.
Because its necessary due to if you increase the number of PVs on your site, then  your adsense income will increase. As I said before , the number of PVs and the adsense revenue are proportional to each other.
If you want to create a blog with high CPC genre  and you are a begineer then its not a right decision because a high CPC genre has more competitors , so its not good for begineers but you can earn more with high cpc genre .

 Income UP  Google Adsense Method 4:

There are some periods in all year  when Google Adsense CPC is high and low.
Unit prices of ads  are high in: December and March
While unit prices are low in : April, July, October,
There are alots of companies that are settle their financial accounts in December and March, and they are specilly  want to use their advertising expenses with huge budget, so their CPC will be higher in December and march.
Conversely, April, July, October, and January are lower in the first half of each quarter of budget allocation.

Income Increasing  Google Adsense Method 5 :: CTR Targeted at 2% 

The average CTR of Adsense should be  0.8% to 2.0%.
If you aim for 90,000 visitors every month, aim to manage average CTR of 2.0%.
Because, with 90,000 to 140,000 PVs per month, if the average CTR is 2.0%, you can earn about 90,000 visitors per month easily!

Income Increasing  Google Adsense Method 6: Write 90 Articles

The time when the adsense earning rise is when your blog has 100 post completely.
Because writing about 90 to 100 articles may display all related content .
Matched Article content units have more  display functions and clicks.

 Income UP  Google Adsense Method 7: Use Auto Advertisements

The auto ads in adsense automatically sets the  six types of advertisements.
  • ·         In-feed ads
  • ·         Text and display ads
  • ·         In-article advertising
  • ·         Anchor ads
  • ·         Related content
  • ·         Mobile full screen ads

Auto ads are easy because they only place the code and he show the ads for you.
Income UP Google Adsense Method 8: Ads Location
After examining the optimal placement of the ad, we hve found that ” Bottom of Article”  and Top of Table”, in the blog post had the most clicks.
These are some  location of Google :
place  the ad where it is clicked is the table of contents.
Since the beginning of the article , ads must be  at the top of the contents,
Ad types should have be text ads and display ads should be responsive.
Ads should be place where the number of clicks is high.

Income UP  Google Adsense Method 9:  Big Banner size!

Google marketing officially  said that  larger the adsense banner ads,then the higher the CPC you will get.
Recommended size is “300 x 250”  or “336 x 280”  rectangle.
 CPC is high for vertical banners but only on PC .
I hope you completely understand these tips to increase traffic and earning of your site.you can ask any question in comments.. Thanks!

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